Thanksgiving With a Dollop of Politics on the Side

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I caught two police drama TV shows in which a young woman called her man her "partner" rather than her boyfriend. I thought, "That's weird. Why didn't she simply say her boyfriend?" Then, it dawned on me. Homosexuals use the term "partner." So now Hollywood producers are telling us we must be what they call "gender inclusive". We must abandon traditional gender distinctive terms like boyfriend and girlfriend. This is yet another under-the-radar baby-step by Leftists to implement the LGBT agenda. Some of you are saying, Lloyd, you're nuts, seeing conspiracy everywhere. Okay, explain to me why boyfriends are now called partners. Public schools are banning teachers from addressing students as boys and girls. Leftists claim that saying "boys and girls" is bigoted, ignorant, insensitive and mean.  Ground zero for the gender obsession and anything goes sexually movement sweeping our...(Read Full Article)