Our National Obsession Does Not Help Abuse Victims

Many groups to which I am supposed to belong should command my allegiance.  Yet I avoid some like the plague.  For instance, I find it tiring to be around veterans who get self-righteous about the fact that I spent very little time in the Reserves.  The little time I was in the military completely upended my life.  Still, I do not want to explain that to fellows who see their own experiences as fundamentally more authentic than mine.  I like Latino groups generally as long as they are not partisan. "Survivor" Status: The Nadir of Identity Politics I cannot join one group though it is relevant to me: the "survivors." I was exposed to pornography and sexual gestures at very young ages.  My first sexual encounter occurred in 1984 at the age of 13, when two older teens got me drunk.  When one combines the activity I engaged in as a boy with the many times that I was coerced, drugged, or roughhoused as an adult male, one...(Read Full Article)