Molding the Citizens of Tomorrow: Mindfulness and Manipulation

Here comes the submissive new world of feigned individuality meshed into universal oneness for the sake of the greater good – a world rejecting the moldy, cavernous halls of Christian cathedrals and synagogues while grinning like the Cheshire cat as it adulterously embraces everything but the Judeo-Christian.  This new world system will forge all religions in the fire of socialist globalization in order to ensure a uniformity that is more easily corralled – because separateness and unique thought only breed rebellion that needs quashing. You will be happy.  You will accept everyone; including all immigrants who fail to assimilate and those who expect you to follow sharia law.  You will love everyone – even those who want to run you down on the sidewalk with 5,000 pounds of gas-fueled metal.  You will admire other cultures more than your own because you have so much to learn from them.  You'll yearn for open borders and seamless...(Read Full Article)