Health Care Could Take a Lesson from the Airlines

Despite endless promises from Republican members of Congress over the past seven years to repeal and replace Obamacare, our mess of a healthcare payment and delivery system remains the law of the land. It’s afflicted with a terminal illness in terms of rising premiums and fewer plans to choose from, with no sign of relief from Congress, other than consigning Obamacare to hospice care. Except that hospice care means dying pain-free and with dignity. When Obamacare dies, patients and providers will share the pain. Congress keeps its dignity as they exempted themselves from the clutches of Obamacare. Can the airline industry provide a pathway ameliorating one of the more notorious aspects of Obamacare? No I don’t mean dragging patients out of hospitals and physician offices as United Airlines did earlier this year. Instead, I mean offering a lower cost option for air travel. And for healthcare insurance. President Trump must like this approach as his recent executive...(Read Full Article)