Don't Put Clarence Thomas In with the Bad Boys

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, Anita Hill's star is shining brighter than it has since the riveting Hill-Thomas hearings in 1991.  "Hill gave voice to the silent indignities endured by women," wrote Jonathan Capehart recently in the Washington Post – Capehart being one of many pundits who made such claims without any substantiation whatsoever.  In fact, the actual evidence strongly suggests that if Hill ever suffered indignities, Clarence Thomas did not inflict them. Some background is in order. Speaking to a NOW convention in July 1991, shortly after Thomas's nomination to the Supreme Court, radical feminist Florynce Kennedy announced, "We're going to Bork him. We're going to kill him politically." The woman who would orchestrate the Thomas assassination watched the news of his nomination at her California home.  "He's the one," Susan Hoerchner screamed to her husband.  He was the...(Read Full Article)