Countering Pakistan's Duplicity

After Osama Bin Laden was discovered and killed in Pakistan, only 1.3 kilometers from Pakistan Military Academy, it should have become clear to those who still denied it, that Pakistan was not the ally in the war on terror that it claimed to be.  Congressional voices like those of Ted Poe (TX) and Dana Rohrabacher (CA), calling for an end to US support for Pakistan, have been raised; and Americans elected a President who made no bones about his dislike for Pakistani duplicity.  Little has changed.  With the exception of recent cuts in US aid (which is cyclical anyway), Pakistan continues to operate as it has, supporting terrorists while pretending to be an ally of the United States.  What should be done about this? Pakistan is an artificial state, cobbled together by outsiders on the basis of a majority religion.  It threw together distinct national groups in an oppressive state with little concern for their own aspirations; little more than a convenience...(Read Full Article)