An Israeli Electric Car Crash that Inspired an Industry

Business books, next to romance novels, are the popular genre of reads today.  Totaled by Brian Blum is one of the best, detailing "how to" and "how not to" build a business, from vision through total execution.  It is a required read for every entrepreneur and "wannabe," for business school students, founders, and everyone who loves heroes and visionaries despite the company's implosion – or because of it.    Blum captures in Totaled the exigent pace and exasperating "what next" climate at start-ups.  The Better Place electric vehicle (E.V.) company is Israel-based, where the culture and environment nourish the young.  Blum's writing style turns a nonfiction case study into an exciting read more resembling a detective page-turner.  You feel the energy of founder, Shai Agassi, as he travels the world soliciting support for his revolutionary twist on E.V.s that will change the world and his...(Read Full Article)
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