Accusing Moore's Accusers

By way of full disclosure, I will tell you that I support Roy Moore, I have known him a long time, and have contributed to his campaign. I recommended to then-Governor Robert Bentley that he appoint him to fill the unexpired term of Senator Jeff Sessions when the latter was appointed attorney general. I was in the company of Moore within the last week. With all that said, I will proceed to offer you my opinion on the accusations against him presently jamming the American electromagnetic spectrum. First of all, I think it important to make clear exactly what, true or false, the accusations are. The accusations first came from four middle-age women who claim that Moore dated them when they were at a tender age. Three of the four can be dealt with summarily. Yes, they were young, in their teens, but they only allege that Moore hugged and kissed them, nothing more. Further, these girls, or some of them, had the consent of their parents to date Moore. These three in no way should...(Read Full Article)