What Is 'Democratic Socialism'?

How do we make sense of this statement made by the Democratic Socialists of America (The “the largest socialist organization in the United States,” according to itself)? “Electoral tactics are only a means for democratic socialists.” This piece is also set within the context of the rise of the British “radical socialist”, “democratic socialist” and Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn MP. (According to his followers, Corbyn “almost won” the British election in June 2017.) Democratic socialism itself must also be seen within the context of 20th century communism and Stalinism. What I mean by that is that there has been a brazen attempt to separate socialism and even communism itself from Stalinism -- and from all the other forms of socialism which have led to dictatorships or totalitarianism. Interestingly enough, even Trotskyists have also almost entirely defined themselves in opposition to Stalin and the...(Read Full Article)