What Catalonia Tells Us

The news from Catalonia -- at the time of this writing, Sunday night in America -- is not good. There has been violent confrontation over the independence referendum. Hundreds injured in Catalonia as Spanish police crack down on referendum vote... Police acting on orders from the Spanish government to stop the voting across the country’s northeastern region clashed with Catalans who were attempting to stop them from confiscating ballots. Videos that emerged Sunday on social media appear to show police using brutal force on people attempting to cast their vote. Catalonia’s health service said Sunday night that at least 844 people were injured today by the evening -- nearly half of them in the Barcelona region, where police fired rubber bullets near at least one polling station, according to The Associated Press. Spanish authorities said 11 police officers were injured in the melees. -- ABC News For weeks, the Spanish state had been doing all it could to...(Read Full Article)