Vietnam, the Flag, and Me

  There are still a lot of old leftists who are proud of the anti-Vietnam War position they held in the nineteen sixties and early seventies. One can only wonder how they might react to PBS’s recent airing of a series on the Vietnam War produced by Ken Burns.  PBS and Burns are hardly "conservative," but the series ended with the release of over 500 POW's by the North Vietnamese. When I saw the happiness of these men being reunited with their families, and being on a plane rejoicing in their freedom, my tears flowed along with theirs. And you won't be surprised to learn that American flags were everywhere. They were draped on coffins, they were waving "Welcome Home," they were on walls. Black and white prisoners were free, hugging each other, rejoicing together. Seeing these scenes of happiness, all my old conflicts about that war flooded back from the recesses of my memory. Although in the decades since the Vietnam War, I had moved...(Read Full Article)