'You Have Gone Too Far': Vets Respond to the NFL

After seeing the latest football games, Americans should play Monday-morning quarterbacks and not stand on the sidelines while the players are kneeling.  The players are making a sham of the National Anthem by insulting the flag, the nation, those serving, and those who have served, as well as the police, who run into a crisis instead of away from one. A recent CBS poll reports that approximately 60% of Americans are against kneeling.  In another poll, 34% said they are less likely to watch NFL games because of the Anthem protest. Ned Colletti, the former Dodgers general manager, in his recent book, The Big Chair, said it best.  Although he was speaking of the troubled summer of 1968 and about baseball, the quote could easily be applied today while substituting football for baseball.  He said, "Baseball remained my bed-rock, my refuge from the real-world realities that were all-too-uncomfortably closing in." American Thinker also asked those who...(Read Full Article)