Uranium One: Will Justice be Done?

Not much distance was needed to gain confirmation. The Trump-Russian collusion charges were all deception and diversion. It reeks of conspiracy. It was Plan B in the Clintons’ and Democrats’ playbook. Plan A was the election of Hillary as president. From the Oval office, she’d bury Uranium One deeper than any nuclear waste could be in Yucca Mountain. The collusion nonsense was an attempt to frame an innocent man, Donald Trump. The principal aim: Save the necks of the Uranium One culprits. Let that sink in. We can be sure the president has.  House Republicans have just launched an investigation into the Uranium One deal. The deal happened during Obama’s tenure. That’s no coincidence -- not with Hillary Clinton around. The former president may be neck-deep in yellowcake. Uranium One is a tangled web of criminality. It appears to involve higher-ups -- elected and appointed -- on an unprecedented scale.  The bigger allegations: Massive...(Read Full Article)