Trump Seeks a Pre-1945 Nationalism

Globalism threatens the essence of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. President Donald Trump’s agenda is anti-globalist at the core. It is also nationalistic to the core, and senses in our history a national destiny. It is not manifest destiny as announced in the 1840s, nor is it the progressive/Marxist ideal of classlessness and world cooperation that has manifested aggressively since 1945. Rather, it grasps at the role of Providence -- God’s will -- as we move through time and space as a giver of hope (land of opportunity), producer of wealth, and respecter of personal autonomy within a lawful context. Trump’s personal eccentricities and belligerent insecurities sometimes get in the way of this vision. But his nationalist agenda is less threatened by his personal shortcomings than by vested economic interests and ideological partisans that have a life and death stake in the globalist agenda. Globalism was set in motion at the end of World War II, and...(Read Full Article)