Things I Say that Make Some Conservatives Nervous

As a Christian black conservative political activist, I traveled all over America for several years working to elect conservatives in House and Senate races. Fellow conservatives always got nervous when I wrote articles about cultural issues.  While campaigning for a Republican candidate in Wisconsin, I met a little old lady who was extremely passionate about abortion. She sounded the alarm that over thousands of babies are killed every day in America via abortion. Some of my colleagues called her the wacko abortion lady. Addressing or talking about cultural issues was not cool. Remember those shocking undercover videos exposing that Planned Parenthood was illegally running a dead baby chop-shop selling body parts? A senior PP executive was caught on video laughing about how she wanted to buy a Lamborghini. The executive asked surgeons, if possible, to keep the baby intact during the abortion because intact babies and intact baby heads sell at premium prices. When my...(Read Full Article)