The NFL Doesn't Know Who or What It Is

Chicago Cubs fans endured decades of futility but stuck like glue to their team.  Ditto for the Golden State Warriors.  Both teams were awful for what seemed like forever but never had any shortage of loyalty.  And when the teams finally reached the pinnacle of success, every fan claimed the victory as his own. In the National Football League, "taking a knee" used to be part of the "two-minute drill."  The quarterback would stop the clock and allow a team time to bring different players on the field or a new play in from the coach.  If your team did it, you cheered.  You had one more chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Now "taking a knee" means protesting something.  And nobody knows quite what they're protesting.  The explanations sound like one side of a conversation over a horrible cell phone connection.  But we aren't allowed to try to get a better signal.  So millions are...(Read Full Article)