The Mac Mini as Portent

The Mac Mini was arguably the world's first mass popular small form factor computer.  It came out in 2005 and quickly captured a following among Apple fanboys (and girls).  It was an elegant desktop that reached its zenith in the 2012 model.  It was easily repairable and spawned a subculture of geeks upgrading RAM and storage themselves.  It was rather unusual for an Apple product.  And it weighed under three pounds. Apple downgraded the 2014 Mac Mini model and let it lie dormant for the last three years.  It is not easily repairable.  The RAM was soldered in.  And the top-end processor (CPU) was downgraded to a dual-core i7-4578U, not a quad-core.  It is still being sold at this time with Haswell Processors. Mac Mini aficionados have been howling for the return of a new Mac Mini, with excellent specifications, once again.  Up to now, they have been disappointed. In the intervening years, computers have undergone a minor...(Read Full Article)