The Left Pulls the Trigger

Once again, Democrats are screaming that the ones who must pay the price for a lunatic’s evil are those who had nothing to do with that evil. Knowing that almost all the guns in this country are owned by their political opposition, they see every mass shooting as an opportunity, a gift, if you will, by which they can achieve something truly immoral and unjust: the forcible eradication of the right of self-defense against enemies, foreign and domestic, though mostly domestic. They still haven’t forgotten that they will never fully overthrow this country if its citizens are armed and can resist totalitarian fascism, which is always preceded by disarmament of the populace. Disarmament is a unique trait of the political left. What makes this rerun all the more galling is the fraudulent emotionalism with which they try once again, before the bodies have even been identified, to manipulate peoples’ decency into agreeing to a “solution” that solves only the...(Read Full Article)