The Basque Solution

Like vultures, the worldwide press is starting to celebrate the anticipated disintegration of Spain. The Catalans are determined to go.  Considering that Catalonia is the richest province in Spain (by absolute numbers), Spain would suffer an economic hit should Catalonia go. However, always alongside the separatist Catalans are the Basque, who have the highest per capita output in Spain – but only one third the population base.  Navarre Province (which is heavily Basque in the north) came in second per capita in 2010.  Madrid was a mere third per capita, but much of that is artificial wealth, because the national bureaucracy sucks in money from the rest of the country.  Catalonia is fourth.  However, because Catalonia has a much larger population overall, it comes in first for absolute income (2014). The northern Spanish region of the Basque country has Spain's highest GDP per capita, at €30,051 ($32,600), almost...(Read Full Article)