Reaganizing Trump

When President Donald J Trump first stepped into the political swamp, he immediately found himself up to his, ahem, waist, in alligators. All of his enemies, and seemingly many of his supposed friends, immediately went on the attack, one which knows no boundaries of decency, honesty, or honor. They mean to get him. Will they? Trump would do well to study the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Reagan was not quite the outsider that Trump is, but for his day, he was as much an outsider as it gets. Not even his eight years as governor of California prepared him for the immediate onslaught that assailed him. As is Trump, Reagan was hated not only by the defeated Democrats, but also by the so-called blue-blood Republicans, who were the establishment. They derided him as a former B-list movie actor, and ridiculed him as having co-starred with a chimp. Yet, despite all that, he was president. Something had to be done, and done soon, to cut him down to size, to delegitimize him among his...(Read Full Article)