Middle East Studies Profs Gone Bad

"I'm a professor!"  So cried Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) professor Anila Daulatzai as she was forcibly removed from a Southwest Airlines flight for lying about having a life-threatening allergy to the two dogs in the cabin.  Unable to provide the required medical certificate, Daulatzai, who had demanded that the dogs be removed, then refused to leave the plane.  Daulatzai's Muslim faith was the likely cause of her aversion to dogs, but it was her dishonesty and unwillingness to cooperate that ended in her arrest. A former visiting assistant professor of Islamic studies at Harvard Divinity School, Daulatzai has joined the growing ranks of Middle East studies academics who run afoul of the law.  Their misdeeds, which range from sexual harassment to domestic abuse and murder to terrorism, demonstrate that being "a professor" is no barrier to criminality. Just last month, a...(Read Full Article)