Letters of Love to Jerusalem

MY JERUSALEM: The Eternal City Ilan Greenfield, Editor Ziv Koren, Photography Published by Gefen Publishing House and Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, 2017/5778 I love Chicago.  It's the city in which I lived from birth into retirement.  I can describe the skyline on Lake Michigan, with its majestic sunrise and sunset.  Every neighborhood is its own architectural marvel crowned with lush greenery.  But I will never describe Chicago or Boston or New York or Sedona as eloquently as Matthew Bronfman does in My Jerusalem: The Eternal City.  Bronfman's romance with Jerusalem is in "its breathtaking glory."  Bronfman is one of 48 contributors proffering letters of love to Jerusalem, enriching its reputation by juxtaposed elegant and rich photographs. On the dust jacket, the name Jerusalem is embossed in gold set against a night-lit orange photograph of the Tower of David (or Jerusalem Citadel).  This touch...(Read Full Article)