Inspector Clouseau pounces!

Shazam!  The crack legal team of Herr Robert Mueller have pounced on a real crime (they say), and all the loudest voices in today's politics have agreed on this farce, just as if it were the real thing.  Liberals around the country are getting chills up their spines as the official Master Sleuths close in on...whom, exactly?  And why, exactly?  And in obedience to what principle in the Constitution, or in common law, or in common sense, for that matter? The answer is that there is no legal, moral, or sane principle to be seen.  None whatsoever.  This is pure, emotional mob scapegoating under color of law – but not any law that adheres to the U.S. Constitution.  The American Founders were steeped in the Western Enlightenment of the 18th century, and they would chew up and spit out all the rationalizations of all the liberal witch hunts since Watergate.  This is all made up legal fiction, in direct violation of the very basis of...(Read Full Article)