If I Were Hillary Clinton...

Hillary Clinton is a tragic figure.  Those were my thoughts after it was safe to say Donald Trump had won the presidential election. Prior to Trump's victory, I expressed concerns to my liberal friends about Hillary Clinton's continuous drift toward leftism, socialism, whateverism.  They tried to allay my fears and expressed absolute belief that as president, she would return to the centrist positions of her husband.  Although their sincerity could not be questioned, I saw blind loyalty to a power-hungry woman as naïve and, more significantly, dangerous.  Thankfully, Mr. Trump upset the apple cart, and we will never know what may have been. Once the dust settled, I agreed with President Trump.  Although this woman had committed acts of malfeasance, never mind possibly putting our country at great risk, I thought the loss of this election was so humiliating as to be consequential enough.  My thoughts changed when Mrs. Clinton came out of...(Read Full Article)
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