Hysterical Christian-Haters for Property Rights

A homosexual coffee shop owner with an angry mind, a foul mouth, and at least a few screws loose, has done Christian conservatives the favor of a lifetime, making the case for a businessman's private property rights against the progressive oppression of anti-discrimination laws more eloquently -- well, at least more bluntly -- than any Christian business owner could make it. A Seattle pro-life activist group that had been handing out pamphlets targeting homosexuals for repentance and "rebirth" decided to enjoy a break from their activities at the Bedlam coffee shop. It so happens the shop is owned by a homosexual man, who, when he caught wind of the group's presence -- they were not proselytizing, mind you, just drinking his coffee, thereby filling his coffers -- confronted them...with exactly the kind of expletive-filled, sexually explicit, hysterical hissy-fit rant you'd expect from the stereotypical homosexual coffee shop owner who is hypersensitive about...(Read Full Article)