Hurricane Maria: What I Saw on Puerto Rico

I was in Ponce, on the south coast of Puerto Rico, when Hurricane Maria struck. We had thought of everything – strong house, food, stored water, generator.  But we hadn't considered overall infrastructure, especially communications.  Besides there being no electricity, the municipal water system was out in our neighborhood; gas stations were closed or wrecked; and among perhaps the most critical things, radio stations were off the air, there was no internet, and there was no cell phone service. Outside knowing we had been in a terrible storm, post-Maria life in Ponce might as well have been the aftermath of an EMP attack. Twenty-four hours earlier, we had been in a world of the internet and powerful computers in our pockets, both able to accomplish things almost beyond imagination.  Indeed, a few hours before the hurricane was expected to arrive, my son, Nathan, and I watched the computer model that predicted that the bulk of the storm would be to the...(Read Full Article)