Holy Hillary!

Autobiographies, like dramas, usually include passages of unconscious self-revelation of character.  Hillary Clinton's latest memoir, What Happened, is no exception.  But, like the Bible, it will be interpreted differently by different readers.  Her devoted followers will find it poignantly honest, while her foes will perceive thinly veiled narcissistic tirades. The latter should be cautious about mocking her; she may well go down in history as one of the major promoters of religion in our time. I'm reminded of the story about a holy missionary who died and was received in Heaven by a crowd of angels and saints.  Soon, a trumpet sounded, and everyone but his guardian angel left to join a much larger crowd greeting a scowling unpleasant-looking man.  The bewildered priest turned to the angel, who said, "Don't be surprised.  He's no saint, but he saved far more souls than you.  He was a notoriously reckless driver, and wherever...(Read Full Article)