Hey Irwin! How About Politics Lessons for Liberals?

In the New York Daily News, liberal warhorse and law school dean Irwin Chemerinksy teams with Howard Gillman to plead with fellow liberals in “First Amendment lessons for liberals” not to fall for the right-wing’s cunning plan to trick them. What with all the marchin’ and protestin’ on campus these days there is, writes Irwin: a widespread perception that liberals are keeping conservatives from being able to speak on campus and that conservatives are the champions of free speech. No! That’s false. Liberals we know -- at least, most of them -- are forceful advocates for the free exchange of ideas. So we’ve noticed, Irwin. Not. In reality, conservatives such as Yiannopoulos and Coulter are thrilled when they are kept from speaking. It lets them portray themselves as victims, vilify the left as intolerant, and accuse campuses of being more concerned about indoctrination than the robust exchange of ideas. Oh no! The...(Read Full Article)