George Washington, Un-American

When George Washington's memory has been deemed "unacceptable" to Americans, will America still exist? In the fundamental transformation of any nation, there will be a moment that stands as the symbolic termination of that nation as anything recognizable, and the beginning of a completely new nation unrelated to the old except in name. For example, you will know England is over when Shakespeare is no longer taught or studied, but has been officially rejected as an elitist remnant of the nation's sexist, racist past. Likewise, America will be over when she no longer recognizes George Washington as the prototypical national hero. Did I say "will be over"? Sorry, perhaps I should have said "is over." For the church pew where Washington and his family sat -- as close to a genuine shrine as any American political monument can be -- is about to be cleansed of the first family's once-honored memory, their memorial plaque removed, because it...(Read Full Article)