For Dems, Every Crisis Is an Opportunity

To the bitter, common man, deplorably clinging to his guns and religion, it is unseemly the way progressives strive to let no crisis or catastrophe go to waste. Let’s start with Barry and his merry band of minions and sycophants. We should all remember “Fast and Furious” -- not the movie, the scandal. Though perhaps it is presumptuous to use that term, because, apart from Sharyl Attkisson, then of CBS News, much of the media studiously ignored this first of many Obama administration scandals. Here’s a short refresher. Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s mini-me, and our esteemed “my people” attorney general, through the aegis of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) allowed, and in some instances impelled, straw buyers to purchase firearms with the purpose of smuggling them across the border into Mexico so they could be used by drug cartels and various other nefarious cliques in the commission of crimes. This was done to...(Read Full Article)