Crocodile Tears and Excuses from Puerto Rico and CNN

The media, having found a successful play to cripple a Republican president, is trying to run the same play against President Trump. They forget that their entire playbook has been thrown at Trump since he announced his candidacy in 2015, without any success. Hurricane Katrina was thought to be a turning point in the George W Bush presidency. The less than stellar response from the federal government was hung around his neck. Successfully. Despite ineptitude at the state and local levels. The New Orleans mayor at the time, Ray Nagin, is now in federal prison for bribery and fraud. They tried the Katrina pass play in Houston and Florida after their recent hurricanes, stymied by a strong defense of competent governors and other state and local officials. Relief efforts in Houston and Florida were efficient and competent. The media had to take a knee. Puerto Rico is different. San Juan Mayor Yulin Cruz is busy bashing President Trump and hurricane relief. Anderson Cooper from...(Read Full Article)