Confusing the Evolution Debate

Of all the Western nations, Americans are the least likely to believe in evolution, according to a recent survey. Still, some applauded when even more recent statistics apparently showed that support for creationism had dropped below 40% in America. Still, at 38%, one has to wonder how precise those numbers are. America has had a history of fundamentalist Protestantism. The Puritans were not like the wavering Anglicans whom they fled. Nor would they take suggestions from the Pope. This streak has informed our country from its inception. And, contrary to present disdain, that influence was often for the good. A substantial number of those fundamentalists, especially Baptists, supported the American Revolution. New polling data show that for the first time in a long time there’s a notable decline in the percentage of Americans -- including Christians -- who hold to the “Young Earth” creationist view that humankind was created in its present form in the past...(Read Full Article)