China's Predatory Economics and How to Stop It

There is a global contest underway between two economic and political models.  One model is liberty and democracy, and the other is state control and totalitarianism.  Fortunately (and hopefully not too late), U.S. policymakers have awakened to the nature of the current challenge. During an October 18 speech about the U.S-India relationship, secretary of state Rex Tillerson sought to build ties with Asian democracies.  He argued that "[t]he emerging Delhi-Washington strategic partnership stands upon a shared commitment upholding the rule of law, freedom of navigation, universal values, and free trade" and criticized China's "predatory economics." According to Tillerson, the Chinese government has been lending money to developing countries in a way that gives their victims debt, but not jobs, and sometimes ends up with their assets being owned by China.  Specifically, Tillerson said: We have watched the activities and actions of...(Read Full Article)