America's Millennial Realignment

We have witnessed realignments in the past, but the one we are in the midst of is extraordinary. It began before Trump came down the escalator but he was the first to capture it, energize it, and win office as a result. The realignment is not about him per se, as demonstrated by the nomination of Judge Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate seat. The realignment is much more. The causes of realignment are manyfold: a national media that has become partisan leftist, the Deep State, with its own intrenched anti-American interests, the two national parties, each of which has betrayed America and her ideals in different ways.  Abetted by all the above, the betrayal of our national institutions has been brutal. And noticed by huge numbers of Americans who are the ones realigning. The main issues spurring the realignment have been illegal immigration, bad economic policy, racialism shoved in America’s face, the elevation of nanny state shackles, the espousing of ideas...(Read Full Article)