Inner-City Murders and the NFL

Now even the sports world is no longer immune to vulgar political discourse, and Donald Trump’s recent intemperate criticism of professional athletes protesting what they deem social justice issues only serves to elevate Colin Kaepernick to cult hero status -- even if he never again plays quarterback in the National Football League. After an August 2016 exhibition game, Kaepernick, addressing a question about white cops shooting blacks, stated: “There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” As a military veteran I defend his right to kneel during the national anthem. The larger issue, however, is the inability of young Kaepernick and others to pierce the veil of emotion regarding the race issue and view events from an equipoised, dispassionate level of objectivity. By September 2017, Chicago had recorded 500+ homicides -- lots of bodies, primarily in minority community streets. The general assumption in regard...(Read Full Article)