Working to Build Up, Not Tear Down

Our country has been floundering for some time. We have seen weak, indecisive leadership in the past and now we see a practically unprecedented division within our government and among our citizens. We are falling apart thanks to a lack of unity and the power and strength that comes from it. When united, our country is unstoppable. Look at World War II; our country was unified to fight the Nazis, with each person working toward that goal, and the U.S. military swayed the course of that war toward the Allies. Our lack of unity now, however, has led to a terrible deal with Iran, that leaves the United States and its allies weaker and open to potential future violence. We have failed again and again to assert ourselves enough as a super power. This has led to unfair trade deals that give Americans the short end of the stick. The United States has slowly been losing the respect of the world and this all can be attribute to our lack of unity. This is why I was quite taken with...(Read Full Article)