Will Trump-the-Conservative Overpower Trump-the-Republican?

Who can with absolute certainty state the name of the ruling party in Washington? Formally, both the Congress and the president belong to the Republicans.  Theoretically, the U.S. Supreme Court can also be attributed to the Republican camp.  Democrats are content with the role of the opposition.  At the same time, it has long been understood that the political division of Republicans and Democrats only exists in places outside of the District of Columbia. In the D.C., the members of the actual ruling party should be labeled Republocrats. It was precisely against the Republocrats that America voted in 2016.  America voted against the party of professional bureaucrats, against the best experts in the world on spreading the American wealth around. Republocrats prospered in Washington regardless of who won the last election.  Republocrats have an impressive experience of survival in any election outcome, and this experience is traditionally transmitted...(Read Full Article)