When Did Fascism and Communism Become Fashionable Again?

I found the lovely image below on a Facebook page: I posted the image beneath it as a response. Yes, it's that omnipresent double-standard again! That is, National Socialism (Nazism) = bad International Socialism (communism, Trotskyism) = good This is striking primarily because -- according to many sources -- communism claimed far more lives than Nazism in the 20th century. Indeed, it can also be argued that the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, etc. were far more oppressive than the Nazis. The Nazis get a worse deal, of course, primarily because they instigated a Holocaust against Jews. Yet communists also wiped out entire classes and ethnic groups. Many contemporary Leftists -- including some fans of Jeremy Corbyn -- would like to do the same today; though this time with different “counter-revolutionary” or “reactionary” targets. Many Corbynistas, for example, want to rid the world of the entire Right and indeed all other...(Read Full Article)