What Happened to Our Music?

I am not a musician; but about a quarter century ago in the 1990s, I was in a restaurant with a musician who gave me a dire observation. He told me that a professor had mentioned to him that a vital, vibrant culture should produce a new form of music every ten to twenty years or so, roughly speaking. I thought about what he said. It sort of made sense. Around 1900, America had ragtime. Tango came from South America around 1910. Jazz took over by the 1920s. Swing came in during the 1930s. Bebop came in during the late 40s, early fifties. Rock 'n Roll took over the culture in the late 1950s and 1960s. But then this musician – mind you again, this was the 90's – asked me, “What new music has our culture invented since Rock?” The question was rhetorical. By the 1990s, disco, rap, and hip hop had come about. So theoretically, our culture was roughly maintaining the every-ten-year schedule. However, that was not the point. It was obvious to me that...(Read Full Article)