Trump's Unintended Consequences: The Turn of the Culture Wars

Conservatives have long discussed the culture wars and why we have been losing them. Many have fought, and are fighting, for a resurgence of sanity in our culture. Well, it’s happening in the strangest way. Two examples: 1. The sharp Hollywood box office decline. 2. The ESPN/NFL failure. Two abysmal failures of the cultural elite are occurring right before our very eyes. Hollywood For the first time in generations, the box office is significantly down. Suddenly America is deciding that it can spend its money elsewhere. As of Labor Day, the receipts have been down anywhere from 12 to 16 percent from last year, depending on which stats you read. Which puts them in the middle of a deep recession. Their stars, their directors, and their “must see” franchises all flopped. Stephen King, Baywatch, Ridley Scott, The Rock, Tom Cruise. Even previously high scoring ”family” cartoons (Minions, Lightning McQueen) flopped. The list of bombs is quite...(Read Full Article)