Toxic Femininity Hides Jealousy and Corruption

The left has been pushing the notion that masculinity is “toxic” and must be rooted out. Classes of college students are propagandized to this point of view, often mandatorily imposed. “Feminist“ speakers and books for young girls promote it and women’s magazines are full of such drivel. This week it’s apparent that it’s this kind of nonsense that’s toxic, not masculinity. Often it’s a cover for jealousy and a corrupt search for power. Vogue Skunked Beginning with the less overtly significant, we have the Stiletto war. When stunningly gorgeous Melania Trump headed off for Texas to comfort the residents beset by Harvey, she boarded AF1 in high heels and beginning with Vogue Magazine, the harpies of the fem press -- including the Washington Post’s Robin Givhan -- dumped on her. Noting that Melania had changed into sneakers when AF1 landed, Givhan sniped: ”Still, her Corpus Christi ensemble was more akin to what one...(Read Full Article)