The Truth about 'White Privilege'

Unbeknownst to many, blacks in America are the major beneficiaries of the uniquely American phenomenon commonly known as "White Privilege". And they have enjoyed those privileges for decades, nay (dare I say it?), for over a century now.  It has been long and fiercely argued that there exists in America a supposed "White Privilege”, a level of privilege that is only bestowed upon and possessed by white people; that all non-whites are denied the benefits or access to this carte blanche system of advantage so blatantly wielded by whites in Western society. And that this injustice must be reversed: all whites in Western society, especially in America, need to denounce this soi-disant "White Privilege" and instead become servants, if not solidarity slaves, to the cause, the uprising of minorities -- particularly blacks. The rationale for this, of course, is that blacks, having been enslaved in America, now lag centuries behind whites and so it...(Read Full Article)