The Political Abuse of Science

It has always bothered me that while science cannot explain things like hate and love, good and bad, and many of the most important things in human life, it is used as “authority” for meddling in human affairs. The impulse to explain everything with science has generated a group of pseudoscientists that provide a great tool to power hawkers for their agendas. When I first heard the term “social science,” for example, I wanted to laugh but couldn’t. We all know – has it been forgotten? – that there is no science for that which science cannot define, the case with almost everything important associated with being human. That politics and fake science have been partners for a long time is no secret. That their illicit relationship is hardly recognized is inexcusable. Enthralled by science, as the public for good reason tends to be, a majority are prone to accept any nonsense in the name of science. The great successes achieved by...(Read Full Article)