The Basque Have Arrived

Catalonia wants to hold a referendum this October concerning its desire for independence from Spain. The Spanish courts are using every judicial trick in the book to suppress the vote. Catalonia officially sets independence vote for October 1 – CNBC One method of Madrid's coercion is to threaten any Catalan official who lends aid to the referendum. The former Catalan president Artur Mas has been banned from holding public office for two years after being found guilty of disobeying the Spanish constitutional court by holding a symbolic independence referendum three years ago. -- The Guardian This is no minor matter to a regional government worker, who might be stuck between the conflicting demands of a separatist regional Catalan administration, and a national Spanish court threatening such a worker. Separatist leaders now face fines and suspension from office if they go ahead with the referendum, which has been declared illegal by the central...(Read Full Article)