Spending Millions to Fill Garbage Cans with Nutritious Meals

For most people, even those paying attention, the seemingly endless expansion of government spending and its accompanying debt is a mystery. A timely parallel might be a tropical storm out in the middle of nowhere developing into a Cat 5 hurricane. So it is with public budgets—a modest program almost unnoticed balloons into a tax-eating monster and while we can track it, who really knows how it got that way? Happily, the mechanics of this budget-bloating are occasionally exposed to public view and it is not a pleasant sight (here and here). Perhaps the disagreeable nature of this exposure explains why the mass media prefers fluff—you need a strong stomach to watch public officials flush millions, sometime billions, down the toilet.     A recent example of this budgets-running-wild occurred in New York City when its Department of Education announced that beginning with the current school term, all students, even rich kids in tony private schools, would...(Read Full Article)