Mueller Could Destroy the Last Faith in the Justice System

When Watergate brought down Richard Nixon, I was a sort of puzzled but fascinated young watcher. But I didn't question the process, except when Sam Dash, the Senate Committee attorney, admitted that he had been leaking to the media at every single step of what was supposed to be an objective process.  In fact, Watergate was a hysterical pressure campaign against Nixon, to force him to resign under no legal compulsion at all. Lyndon B. Johnson had done worse than Nixon, but Nixon infuriated the Deep State/ Democrat/ Left Media alliance. Nixon came from the generation that still had some shame, and so he resigned.  Mueller's appointment as a special prosecutor, based on a blatantly false and pornographic "dossier" launched by British spies against a duly elected POTUS, with the malignant and corrupt support of Obama appointments Clapper, Comey, and Brennan, is not going to pull the wool over our eyes. There is no Constitutional provision for a...(Read Full Article)