Just One Crisis Away from Cashless

Puerto Ricans presently without cash are in severe straits now that the electronic grid is down. They do not have the cash to buy supplies; and, since the electronic grid is down due to the recent hurricanes, they cannot use electronic options. However, the discerning will realize that this present weakness in electronic currency will not stop the rush to a cashless society. The powers that be will merely fix "the problem." They will probably use, or engineer, a crisis to impose a cashless dystopia. Countries around the world are racing to go cashless. India, South Korea, Sweden. Governments have myriad reasons to want to do so. Cashless paradigms can stop crime. Drug dealing would become harder.  Tax evasion would become difficult. Terrorism would be stifled. Without untraceable cash, trafficking in illegal weaponry would become extraordinarily difficult. "We wanted to minimise the risk of robberies and it's quicker with the customers when they pay by...(Read Full Article)