If I Were the Devil, I'd Enact Hate Speech Laws

Hate speech laws are loved not only by the do-gooders who demand them.  If I were the Devil, I'd love laws that limit free speech, too. "If I Were the Devil," a famous monologue originally written by Paul Harvey in 1965 that he reworked over a 20-year period, didn't mention hate speech laws.  But listen to his final version, and feel the chill of its truths when you realize just how much Satan has achieved. Then imagine how much more the Devil could accomplish if he could silence, under the banner of a moral imperative to limit speech, not just Paul Harvey, but all Christians. Christian speech, like all speech here in America, though (for the time being, at least), is protected by the Constitution from the Devil and anyone else who'd like it silenced.  Christianity is also protected, and it's no coincidence that religion and speech are mentioned in the same amendment. As Alexis de Tocqueville noted a few decades after the creation...(Read Full Article)