How President Obama Shrank America’s Consumer Dollar

President Obama’s great stimulus spending and QE programs saw disposable income of average Americans reverse historic trends and stagnate or  actually decline.  There has been a huge increase in the taxes they have to pay for everything from gasoline to cell phones and property taxes. And since government is responsible for these taxes and the big states are all run by Democrats with liberal news media, these facts are seldom reported. A December 2015 study of the American middle class done by the Pew Research center found that for the first time in over forty years the middle class no longer includes the majority of Americans.  The plain fact is, after the largest so-called stimulus government spending program in world history, conducted by President Obama and his Democratic Party, both the number of persons in the middle class and the proportion of the population shrank. The Pew Hispanic Center May 2016 Study found that at the end of President...(Read Full Article)