Hillary Clinton and What Happened to the Nature of Woman

The title of Hillary Clinton’s post-deplorable book tells it all: What Happened. Notice the lack of agency. But wait! I thought that the whole point of feminism and women’s liberation was that finally, after the age-old oppression of the patriarchy, women were going to come out into the world and be free and responsible agents of their own destiny. Hey girls! What Happened? Okay. I admit it. I have not read Hillary Clinton’s post-election non mea culpa -- that’s Latin for Not My Fault -- and I don’t intend to. In fact, I have never read any of Hillary Clinton’s books and I hope I never will.  It is nothing personal. I just think, without a particle of evidence, that I could learn a lot more about life, the universe, and everything from plugging through Andrew Roberts’ 935-page doorstopper on the life of British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury than anything I might glean from the scintillating mind of Hillary Rodham...(Read Full Article)